Berlin Eaton

Berlineaton is a corporate leadership and coaching organization. They provide management consulting services to visionary leaders in the public and private sectors, helping them build stronger futures for their organizations.
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Website Programming and Responsive Design

Berlineaton had a vision of something extraordinary for their website. They wanted their website site to scream their company tagline "Be Bold", and so it does. With brilliant eye-catching colours Berlineaton cannot be ignored. The site is color coded with each employee owning a specific color so that their individual influences on the site can be seen in an instant.

Produced in Collaboration With:

Array Web + Creative
Array Web + Creative

Array is a creative and web development agency based on Vancouver Island. They provide branding, web design, creative, and marketing services.

Jordan Wende
Jordan Wende

Jordan is a graphic designer at Array Web + Creative. Jordan provided the design for the desktop version of the site along with some art direction on the responsive versions of the website.

Sarah Bromley
Sarah Bromley

Sarah is the technical director at array web+ creative. Sarah built the search functionality of the site along with the client portal. She additionally helped with quality assurance across the site.

Industry Type
Corporate Leadership / Coaching
Services Rendered
Website Development, Responsive Design
Technologies Utilized
HTML5, CSS3, Evo, jQuery
Complettion Date
December 2014
Macbook Pro Berlin Eaton Desktop1 Berlin Eaton Desktop2 Berlin Eaton Desktop3 Berlin Eaton Desktop4
The mobile version of the site offers a smooth transition from the desktop version given the blocky layout of the original design. Overall the project was a resounding success.
Berlin Eaton Mobile1 Berlin Eaton Mobile2 Berlin Eaton Mobile3