Queen Margaret's School

QMS is a private school located in Duncan, BC. They specialize in offering a competitive equestrian program along with a girls only senior boarding school. Additionally they offer co-ed elementary schooling.
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Website Programming

Queen Margaret's School decided to update from their disorganized site to a website that matched the professionalism with which the school is run. The project was no small undertaking. I total of 107 pages would need to be programmed, with only a limited number of those pages sharing a layout. This project required the coordination between myself and my coworker Suttasinee Chansirinthorn to split up the work.

Produced in Collaboration With:

Array Web + Creative

Array is a creative and web development agency based on Vancouver Island. They provide branding, web design, creative, and marketing services.

Jordan Wende

Jordan is a graphic designer at Array Web + Creative. Jordan provided the design for the desktop version of the site.

Sarah Bromley

Sarah is the technical director at array web+ creative. Sarah constructed the mobile navigation for the site. She also helped with bug fixes and setting up the Google Calendar feed.

Suttasinee Chansirinthorn

Suttasinee is a developer at array web+ creative. Suttasinee was my primary partner while building QMS's website. She programmed navigation, homepage, and landing pages before I began work on the project. It was our baby together after all 107 pages were programmed!

Industry Type
Private Elementary / Boarding School
Services Rendered
Website Development, Responsive Design
Technologies Utilized
HTML5, CSS3, Evo, jQuery, Google Calendar
Complettion Date
December 2014
Laptop Desktop1 Desktop2 Desktop3 Desktop4
Mobile1 Mobile2