SIVA Training

SIVA (Supporting Individuals through Valued Attachments) Training offers specialized safety management training for caregivers and families. They provide their clients with the tolls and practical knowledge to create a safe environment.
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Website Programming

The SIVA website outlines the training process that Siva utilizes and the details of their specific services. It also features testimonials from past clients.

Produced in Collaboration With:

Array Web + Creative

Array is a creative and web development agency based on Vancouver Island. They provide branding, web design, creative, and marketing services.

Jordan Wende

Jordan is a graphic designer at Array Web + Creative. Jordan provided the design for the desktop version of the site along with some art direction on the responsive versions of the website.

Suttasinee Chansirinthorn

Suttasinee is a web developer at Array Web + Creative. She worked on the SIVA project alongside me.

Industry Type
Specialized caregiving educators
Services Rendered
Website Development
Technologies Utilized
Evo, HTML5, CSS3
Complettion Date
June 2014
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